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Ready to become a proud Mouse? Complete the application below to begin the process.


Application Form


We are well represented in road, mountain, cyclocross, and track racing events across Northern California.  We also volunteer our time to bicycle advocacy, trail building, and junior racing activities.


All Team Members are required to ride safely and courteously, wear a helmet at all times, and represent our team and sponsors with pride. We ask that members participate frequently in group rides, meetings, and discussions. 


There are two levels of team membership:

  • General Club Members

  • Race Members


Race members enjoy discounts from sponsors including Smith Optics, WTB, and other brands of bicycle equipment and nutrition products. 


All Team members (both General and Team) are expected to comply with the following:

  • Register for licenses and races as a member of “Team Roaring Mouse”

  • Purchase and race in the team uniform

  • Pay team dues

  • Volunteer in at least two cycling events annually, one community oriented and one race related

  • Maintain membership in at least one organization that promotes cycling in a positive light to the community, e.g. SF or East Bay Bike Coalition


Race Team members must also start in at least five races annually.

Disciplines: Meet the Coaches
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