Rene McGillicuddy

I suppose the word is out that the reason that I am so crazed about road bike racing is because I do not have to SWIM to the start line. Coming from triathletics, it was always less exciting early in the morning to start a race by a cold, wet, uninviting drinch. Now we are all so civilized and we roll to the start and keep within a reasonable cadence of each other for some time, until one of us shows her stuff, breaks away, we chase, we concor and typically come home with stories, great stories, better than the movies, TV or even most novels. I love to race, I love my life and above all, I love this team.

Race Results

Date Name Category Place
February 20, 2010 Chino Valley Grasshopper Cat 4 Road N/A
January 23, 2010 Patterson EB Cat 4 Road 9th
September 06, 2009 Donner Summit Time Trial Cat 4 Road 28th
August 28, 2009 Winters Road Race Cat 4 Road 26th
August 15, 2009 Dunnigan Hills Road Race Cat 4 Road 36th
May 10, 2009 Berkeley Hills Road Race Cat 4 Road 43rd
April 25, 2009 Wente Vineyards Classic Road Race Cat 4 Road 32nd
April 03, 2009 Altamont TTT Cat 4 Road 4th
February 21, 2009 Snelling Road Race 4 Road 31st
January 11, 2009 Early Birds Crit Cat 4 Road 12th